The Group

We are a team of dynamic and ambitious individuals, working together with dedication to improve and master challenges in scientific research. By working as a team, we can achieve much more and while exploring uncharted (scientific) territory can be exciting and rewarding, it can also be challenging and stressful. In the Mommer Research Group, we give each other space to innovate, develop, and to learn – but at the same time support each other and celebrate success. To this end, we value friendly, open and honest communication, encourage each other and foster qualities of transparency and mutual respect, regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or disability. In capitalizing on this collaborative, compassionate and inclusive culture we aim to create a better work environment for everybody.

Stefan Mommer
Group Leader

Stefan started his group in September 2022 as an SNF Ambizione Group Leader.

Nika Petelinšek
PhD Student

Nika joined the group in November 2022 to study new strategies towards high-performance hydrogel materials.

Elise Ansart
Project student

Elise investigates the mechanical enhancement of hydrogels using macrocyclic host molecules.

Dalila Cafagno
PhD intern

Dalila studies new cyclodextrin-based hydrogel architectures using host-guest chemistry.

This could be you

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  • Lorenzo Minervini, semester project (2023)
  • Rebekka Hosch, M. Sc. (2023)