Engineering Polymer Materials
to the official website of the Mommer Research Group! We are an interdisciplinary research group combining various disciplines such as organic, polymer, and supramolecular chemistry as well as material sciences to create new innovative polymeric materials.
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The Mommer Research Group is a newly founded research team headed by Dr. Stefan Mommer. We are a team of young individuals tackling scientific challenges in the area of (soft) polymer materials. Currently based in the Department of Mechanical & Process Engineering of ETH Zurich, we are hosted by the Macromolecular Engineering Laboratory (headed by Prof. Dr. Mark W. Tibbitt).

ML Building - Tannenstrasse

To find out more about our research, we encourage you to check out the Research section or visit the Publications page.

If you are currently looking for a Bachelor or Master thesis project, please check out the Vacancies page!

Latest News

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ETH Research Grant funded!
The ETH Research grant on degradable and durable polymers got funded! This means that the team will be growing soon by another PhD student! If you are...
Welcome Dalila!
Dalila joined us from the University of Bologna for a 6-month internship and will be working on Cyclodextrin-based hydrogel architectures. Good luck and...
First group paper published in Advances Science!
The first paper from the group has been published in Advanced Science. In our review, we present a comprehensive dataset on tough hydrogels with extreme...
Welcome Elise!
A warm welcome Elise, who is joining as for the next year to work on supramolecularly enhanced hydrogels. Elise just finished her Master thesis in the...
Congrats Rebekka!
Rebekka successfully finished her Master thesis! We thank you for your commitment, working with us and we wish you all the best for your future!
Rebekka joins the team
We welcome Rebekka, who joins the team for her Master thesis. During the coming 6 months, Rebekka will investigate supramolecular strategies to enhance...
Nika joins the group
We welcome Nika who has joined the team as a PhD student! Best of luck for the future years and exciting research to come!
New Website
The Mommer Research Group has gone online! Welcome to our new website! Feel free to stay a while and check out our webpages!

We are grateful to be hosted by ETH Zurich and the Macromolecular Engineering Laboratory (headed by Prof. Dr. M. W. Tibbitt). Further, we particularly would like to thank the Swiss National Science Foundation for funding.